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Dr. Joan Rosell
"Tarragona atracts due to its light, tranquility, historical heritage and Mediterranean vibe.

A city with every perk to make your congress an unforgettable event."
Dr. Ramiro Andreu
"The professionality we made our congress with, leads us to confirm without doubt that Tarragona is an ideal destiny for congressal tourism."
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Dr. Pere Gaig Jané
"I recommend Tarragona because it is Mediterranian, by its climate, color, history, gastronomical offer and geographical situation. Has an impressive Trade Fair and excellent communications."
Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre, URV
"After having organized more than thirty congresses and scientific activities, it is worth to mention that Tarragona offers an incomparable frame of international level due to its climate, heritage, location and services."
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Tarraco was an small Rome,
a portuarian town, open
to the Mediterranean sea,
sharing many languages.
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