Experience history in a surprising city where you can discover a thousand-year-old civilization. To dine under the vaults of a Roman circus, to get lost in the alleyways of the old town, where the essence of the medieval city is preserved intact, or to drink vermouth immersed in more than 2,000 years of history. This is the true Tarragona's World Heritage!
A heritage constituted by transcendental monuments for history, by places able to take us to Roman, Medieval and Modern eras. But also a heritage constituted by people, human lives, little moments and emotions.

Rutes temàtiques

Take part in a thematic route: Roman or Medieval Tarragona. The first one discovers us the most important buildings of the Roman town hidden in the upper part of Tarragona; while the second one lead us through the medieval artistic heritage, headed by the Cathedral. Crowning the visit by the ascension to its bell tower, highest point of Tarragona.


On Segway pace. It is the best option to know Tarragona in a comfortable and fun way. Segway tours will take you to the most emblematic
emblematic of the city. You can choose between different urban, beach or mountain routes.

On foot through Tarraco. Discover very well preserved Roman buildings, read Roman tombstones embedded in the walls of some buildings, go along the coast from one to another beach contemplating Roman villas, funerary monuments, an abandoned Roman quarry, a Roman triumphal arch or an imposing Roman aqueduct. All these paths can be covered on foot, walking along routes suitable for all ages.

Viure la història

Experience history. History tells us about humanity, about passions, illusions, crimes and heroism. It talks about who we are. Discover through a historical re-enactment and
personages of that time how peolple lived in Tarragona 2000 years ago. You will discover among other things how it was the night before gladiators fighting or the power of Rome in provincial Tarraco. The amphitheatre and Roman circus venues come alive.

Plats típics

Try some typical dishes, like romesco, a sauce mixture of local products such as almonds, hazelnuts, peppers and olive oil, eaten together with the best fish. Other typical seafood dishes are sarsuela and fideujat, as well as blue fish with Designation of Origin Tarragona.

Tallers de gastronomia

Participate in a workshop of Roman gastronomy, a unique experience. A lunch or dinner workshop where you will discover the secrets of Roman cuisine arriving until today. Touch, taste and smell are the protagonists of a tasting of Roman culture.


Live one of the great passions of Tarragona: the Castells /Human towers), . Take part in one of their rehearsals and dine with Tarragona's castellers (Human tower builders).


Visit the wineries and approach the world of wine tastings. The Designation of Origin (DO) Tarragona wines were already famous in Roman times and were considered the most privileged of the Empire. Discover Vermut Yzaguirre winery on a guided tour followed by a tasting of its products: DO Tarragona mass wine age-worthy red wine, vinegars, sangria and Yzaguirre Vermouth, a vermouth made according to our centennial formula, much appreciated by all consumers, who claim to taste one of the best appetizers in the world.

Practicar el swing

Practice swing. Tarragona also offers the possibility of practicing golf. An 18-hole course hosts various high-level events, an offer that is complemented by six other nearby fields.

Descobrir la singularitat

Discover the uniqueness of the shops located in the Old Town, where we can find antique dealers and oustandings jewellers.

Excursions d'un dia

Day trips. The nearby offer includes the PortAventura leisure complex, the routes of the Delta del Ebro Nature Park, the beaches of the Costa Daurada, the Cistercian monasteries and the wineries of the Priorat region.