Adernats Vinícola de Nulles

A true Cathedral of the Wine of 1917

Currently we can say that we are the only modernist-style cooperative built at the beginning of the last century where our wines and cavas are still made in the same centennial vats designed by the architect.

From this history of the winery, and from the people rooted in the wine environment, various Enotourism activities have emerged to spread, while enjoying this wine culture and discover one of the best cultural riches of our country.

La Vinícola de Nulles is one of the modernist gems of the Mediterranean, an authentic Wine Cathedral of 1917. Since then, only in the years of the civil war stopped the production of wine, the rest, to this day, we continue to elaborate it combining the wisdom acquired generation after generation, with the techniques, and the most modern machinery, but without losing its essence, such as the production in centenary tubs of original work, designed by the architect of the cellar Cèsar Martinell, one of the greatest exponents of Modernism, the most outstanding architectural movement, characteristic and original of the Tarragoninas lands.

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C/ Estació, s/n (43887 Nulles)
Nulles 43887 CT ES
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