Why Tarragona?

The climate of Tarragona, its light and its location, next to the Mediterranean, continue to be he great bases of the city as a destination. But they are not the only ones. It also has unique spaces for events such as the Roman amphitheater or the Congress Palace with its natural rock walls. They can also be enlivened with gladiator fights, human towers shows, visits to the wineries of the DO Tarragona or to Port Aventura, or with the practice of water sports and outdoor activities all the year round.


The best introduction to the climate of Tarragona was made by the Roman poet of the time of Emperor Hadrian, Anneu Florus: "The climate blends and confuses in a unique way all the seasons and the whole year seem to be a constant spring." Nowadays, this quotation is fully valid as the city enjoys a temperate climate all year round, which is ideal for events.

The city enjoys a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, typical of the Mediterranean coast. The average annual temperature is 18ºC

  • Average temperature in winter: 12ºC
  • Average temperature in spring: 16ºC
  • Average temperature in summer: 25ºC
  • Average temperature in autumn: 16ºC


Located by the Mediterranean, in the center of the Costa Dorada, Tarragona is the southernmost capital of Catalonia, less than 100 kilometers from Barcelona and its airport.

It has very near the AVE train station that communicates it quickly with the rest of Spain.


Emperor August lived in Tarragona between the years 27 and 25 BC. The city is heiress from its past and the declaration as a World Heritage City by UNESCO endorses the recognition of this inheritance. In Tarragona you can also enjoy two elements that are also Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as the traditional Human Towers and the Mediterranean diet.


All these attractions add to a wide range of quality hotel offers, excellent communications and a whole host of modern facilities, including the Convention Centre, the Tarraco Arena Plaza and unique spaces such as the Amphitheatre and the Circus Volt.

All in all, it makes Tarragona an ideal destination to combine culture, tourism and leisure with any type of event in a modern city. Do not hesitate; in Tarragona your event will make history.


The city’s Roman and medieval heritage can be enjoyed in many corners of the city, but especially in many of its facilities for congresses and events. There are historical buildings restored and equipped with the latest technology. There are also traditional cuisine restaurants that have maintained the structure of the old Roman and medieval buildings.


Tarragona's cuisine has bare feet and smells of sea; of sea and of kitchen garden, of course. The sauce par excellence is romesco, which even gives its name to a typical dish of the city. The ingredients of which cannot be more Mediterranean: olive oil, roasted tomatoes, almonds or hazelnuts. Little by little, the restorers most committed to the gastronomic inheritance of the city recover the simplicity and, at the same time, the power of traditional seafood and fish cuisine. They bet, for example, for a less-known, but extremely tasty fish. The key is not a secret: a good product, respect and authenticity.